Meet the team: ERP UK Business Development Manager David

March 24th, 2020

This quarter we introduce our Business Development Manager, David


How long have you been with ERP UK?

David: I have been with ERP since 2011. Prior to that I had dealt with the organisation through my regional role with Welsh Local Authorities, where ERP had successfully won a tender.

Tell me about your experience before joining the ERP team

David: In my previous role, I was the South East Wales Regional Waste Coordinator for 10 Welsh Local Authorities. In this position, I was responsible for coordinating regional tenders – which included both WEEE & Batteries.

Prior to the introduction of WEEE & Batteries Directives, I also became involved in the management of the treatment and disposal of hazardous waste such as CFC containing fridges or freezers and televisions within Wales.

What does a typical day look like for you?

David: I have a varied role as a result of my time with ERP but mainly it covers, business development where I work with and support our members and potential new Producer opportunities for WEEE, Batteries, Packaging and Data Services. I also work closely with colleagues both in the UK team and across the Landbell Group re: European opportunities.

Additionally, I work with customers to develop and deploy Product Take-Back solutions; including the lithium-ion battery powered forms of transport and vehicles.

Lastly, given the experience gained in my previous role as a Waste Coordinator Welsh Local Authorities, I also support ERP’s Operational Team with Local Authority contracts and tenders by collecting and servicing these contracts.

What motivates you in your role?

David: My main motivation is the satisfaction of our clients. Compliance isn't our clients' core business, and it is quite complicated and time-consuming. It's great to get feedback where they feel a weight has been lifted from their shoulders through ERP's ongoing support and guidance. It’s also great to be recognised for my achievements by my management and my colleagues.

In your opinion how does ERP UK stand out in comparison to other Producer Compliance Schemes? David: ERP is in a unique position in that it is able to deliver all aspects of Compliance and Data Services (which will become more important as we review the Packaging Regulations). We also have a global presence which means we can support companies in meeting their Producer Responsibility obligations abroad.



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